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Eagles Take Flight: Boston College Hoops Ready to Rock the ACC

Eagles Take Flight: Boston College Hoops Ready to Rock the ACC

Quinten Post (Photo: BC Athletics)
Quinten Post (Photo: BC Athletics)
The Eagles' Early Season Flight: A Tale of Ups and Downs

Hey there, Eagles fans! As we gear up for some serious ACC action, let's rewind and look at how our Boston College boys have been faring. With a 5-2 start, there's plenty to cheer about, but also some lessons to be learned. Our latest victory over Vanderbilt was a classic example of our strengths and areas we need to keep an eye on.

Post and Harris: The Dynamic Duo

Having the best player on the court often means you're in for a win. And guess what? We had the two best – Quinten Post and Claudell Harris Jr.

Post has been on fire, dropping 24 points against Vanderbilt, including a stellar 4/6 from the three-point line. His ability to take the ball from the perimeter and drive is becoming a nightmare for our opponents. Harris, not to be outdone, added 22 points of his own. His knack for making tough shots look easy is something to behold. Together, they're turning into a force to be reckoned with.

Defense: The Eagles' Stronghold

Our on-ball defense has been nothing short of impressive. Junior Guard Jaeden Zackery, in particular, is a defensive wizard, staying glued to his man and disrupting plays. It's not just him though; the intensity trickles down to the entire squad, with guys like Fred Payne stepping up big time. This tenacity on defense is shaping our team's identity and could be our ticket to soaring high in the ACC.

Resilience: Bouncing Back Strong

One of the most impressive aspects of this team is their resilience. After a tough outing in Kansas City, they bounced back against Vanderbilt with a vengeance. The fast start and the ability to maintain the lead in a challenging environment speak volumes about this team's mental toughness. This ability to quickly recover from setbacks will be crucial as we dive deeper into the season.

Concerns: Back Up Guard Scoring and Coaching Adjustments

Now, let's touch on some concerns. Our backup guards need to find their scoring touch. In the Vanderbilt game, they combined for only nine points. While our defense was on point, we can't always rely on just a few players to carry the offensive load. Also, Coach Earl Grant's ability to adjust during the game needs some work. We've seen lapses where the opponent makes a run, and we seem a bit slow to respond. This needs to be tightened up as we move forward.

Jaeden Zackery, Earl Grant, and Quinten Post (Photo: BC Athletics)
Jaeden Zackery, Earl Grant, and Quinten Post (Photo: BC Athletics)

The Road Ahead: Big Opportunities

Looking ahead, the next big test is NC State. They're not the powerhouse they were last year, but they're still a formidable opponent. We've got to take this game seriously if we want to set a strong tone for the rest of the ACC play.

Our goal? A 9-3 record going into 2024. It's ambitious, but totally doable.

The Final Word: Time to Shine

The Eagles have shown they have what it takes to make a splash in the ACC. The combination of stellar individual performances, solid team defense, and growing resilience is a recipe for success. Let's get behind our team as they prepare to take on NC State and continue their journey through an exciting season.

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