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Boston College vs. Duke: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! - Final Prediction

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Boston College vs. Duke: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! - Final Prediction

Boston College (2-6, 1-4 ACC) will be hosting Duke (5-3, 2-2 ACC) this Friday night under the lights at Alumni Stadium.

Kickoff will be at 7:00PM ET from Chestnut Hill, MA and will be nationally televised on ESPN 2.

There is no preview for this game.

Current Line: BC +10.0 (O/U 47.0)

Chance Of Winning: 24.7%

According to ESPN's Football Power Index BC has a 24.7% chance of winning this game. The spread for this game is currently 10 points in favor of Duke with the over/under around 47.

Does BC Cover The Spread?

This is a home game. Boston College "should" cover the spread...

Will they? Probably not.

Don't even think about betting on the Eagles for the rest of the season.

Bet the under. BC couldn't score a touchdown against UConn, so this seems like a safe bet unless Duke somehow scores more that 45 points.

Final Score: 31-10 (BC loses)

If Boston College is going to win another game this season it will most likely be this game. However, the chances of that happening are significantly low considering BC's overwhelming incompetence and heavy underdog status.

Yes, we live in a world right now where Boston College is playing a night game at home and is a double digit underdog to Duke...

If that is not embarrassing enough, this game will be the only college football game nationally televised in primetime on Friday, and given how the season is going, expect a lot of memes Friday night mocking the disastrous state of affairs that is this BC Football Program.

Boston College Football Fans, you probably saw our tweet after one of the worst performances of all time against UConn:

Yes, we think that Jeff Hafley should have been immediately fired following that incredible loss. Universities that actually care would not continue to allow their football program to regress to such a pathetic form that it can't even compete against regional opponents (loss to Rutgers, loss to UConn) in one of the least competitive regions in the nation. Unfortunately, we expect that Boston College will let Jeff Hafley continue to coach for the rest of the season and most likely into the start of next season as well.

Hafley & Co. has lost the fans and the only way to "get" them back "in" is by winning. We are far beyond saying this is a "must win" and any chance to salvage this season has expired, but a good start to recovery would be at the very least pulling off an upset this Friday night. #RollEags

How To Watch The Game:

Go to the game! Remember, For Boston Always. There are plenty of seats and they are cheap.

The game will be televised nationally on ESPN 2 at 7:00PM ET Friday.

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